The world of skincare

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Since the recent additions to my wardrobe (see ‘My kind of luxury‘) I’ve had nothing but luxury on the brian.  Makeup and more recently skincare falls into that catergory and to tell you the truth I didn’t always see it that way.

The world of skincare can at times be daunting. There are so many products out there which are cleverly marketed and let’s be honest if we acknowledged every little imperfection, fine line, age spot and problems we didn’t even know existed, we would never leave the house! When my skin is not looking the best that is exactly how I feel!

My lovely friend Laura fuelled my interest in makeup. She is one foxy lady and knows her stuff so when I was looking for new products or trusted favourites I would turn to her and to be honest, it’s hard to shut us up! Laura also introduced me to a world (a very big world) of professional make up artists, tutorials and beauty bloggers. People with the expertise and knowledge, people that try, test, demonstrate, review and above all share! I couldn’t believe it.


I’m the type of person who needs to use my senses when I shop and this can be difficult with skin care. Hence the importance of relying on friends who will give honest answers about products they are using and better still it allows you to see these products in action. With that in mind I am in complete heaven with the amount of professional folks out there doing all the hard work for me. There are so many to pick from (and some that I probably haven’t watched yet) but for me Lisa Eldridge, Ruth Crilly and Caroline Hirons have changed my whole attitude to skincare. I am now better informed, better educated on how to address issues with my skin and better stilll I understand which products do what. With all my watching, listening and learning, I have found products that are doing wonders for my skin and I am now not only confident to invest in skincare products but also more than happy to invest the time to take care of my skin.


You will never really know until you try and what works for one may not be great for another but with the abundance of knowledge and information out there I can now say that when that dorky headband goes on to push the hair off my face and I begin what can only be described as a ritual, I relish nothing more than the luxurious feel of my smooth, fresh, clean skin.




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