The past week or so I’ve added two very special pieces to my wardrobe. Pieces that to me are pure luxury.

Luxury, like jewels (see How do you wear yours?) doesn’t necessarily imply wealth or richness. I like to think of it more as an indulgence in some way and these are my indulgence!

Luxury shoes



When I saw these Nine West shoes there was no going back. I usually don’t wear heels (high ones anyway) unless there is a special occasion but I found these to be so beautiful. I sometimes find black heels boring but these are elegant with a little edge. Better yet they were on sale so they were definitely going to be mine!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (and if you don’t please do!) you will already know about my next purchase but it’s worthy of repeat. This COS coat is one of my fabulous finds. I saw it and thought ‘someone has made this just for me!’. The shape, colour and marriage of thin symmetrical lines against the round neck is just perfection. Again not necessarily something I need but like the shoes, this to me is just stunning and something that fits so well into my wardrobe.

COS coat

Granted these were on the more expensive side of things, well for me anyway but it’s important to invest in pieces that are comfortable, that can be worn from season to season and above all highlight your own style. Of course it’s equally as important to shop within one’s means and what might be luxury to one might not be luxury to another. Whether you base luxury on aesthetics, materials, labels or price, all wardrobes need quality, luxurious pieces.

COS coat

If you’re anything like me I need to feel good in what I wear and if it’s as beautiful as these new numbers, I will definitely get my money’s worth. Better still I won’t need an occasion to wear them, I will wear them just because!



12 thoughts on “My kind of luxury

      1. It’s hard to go past flats and I don’t wear heels as often as I like but these shoes I think are going to change that. Here’s hoping they don’t come with any injuries 🙂

  1. Hi Jo

    Very sophisticated look…… once you fine the right item of clothing as you always manage to, it will give heaps of JOY and you look great! , Mum xxoo

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