You guessed it, I’m not a fan of winter so before the dark days seep into my skin I thought I would share some of my winter favourites. For those of you on the other side of the world enjoying blue skies and long days, spare a thought for those trying to stay warm by a fire with wine and marshmallows.


Ok so it’s not all darkness and rain, along with open fires and mulled wine, winter means great textures, more time spent in pjs (which I love) and lets not forget hats!


Here’s a few of my winter favourites and almost all of these I bought on sale! I love a sale just as much as I love lipstick!


To help me get through the winter I never shop at the start of the season. I find that if I buy towards the end of winter, there are generally great sales and  I only wear these items for a short period of time. Double bonus as I don’t get bored of my winter wardrobe and these warm cosy numbers are tucked away still feeling somewhat of a novelty when I pull them out the following winter.



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