Shoes glorious shoes!

Shoes glorious shoes

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I am slightly obsessed with the weather. Only a couple of weeks ago I decided winter was over and signs of Spring were all around me. This was all I needed to put my winter boots asides and declare it ‘Flats Season’.

I was a little premature in my excitement and not long after my grand declaration, I was faced with snow showers. More specifically, snow showers on date night in which I had planned on wearing my luxurious heels but as you can imagine there was a quick costume change and the heels were sadly left behind.

#OOTW Flats

Spring flats

Despite that, the past few days have seen flowers in bloom and a warmth in the sun that has been gone for far too long. You know that warmth that seeps through your skin and warms your core? Well, the sun showed its glorious face ever so slightly but I’ve learnt my lesson so even though my boots are on standby, my flats have made it to this week’s #OOTW.

Like my Winter wardrobe, I never like to make purchases at the start of a season and when it comes to shoes it’s no different. Because I haven’t worn my flats for months, they all feel new and fresh and I love styling outfits around them.

So before I add to my spring collections of shoes (and I can already tell there are going to be many additions), I’m going to enjoy the excitement of wearing what I have and feeling Spring on what little skin I’ll dare to show.



2 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Love a good flat shoe and you have some beauties!
    I see its been sort of “Melbourne Weather” …. changing ….. but I do hope spring is coming and staying …… I can only imagine your cold weather!!!
    I hate winter.

    1. It’s a funny time of year. There are days the sun is out, it’s still cold but you are almost tricked into thinking spring is here. I’m like you winter is not for me so regardless of the weather I’m in full spring mode, daffodils in the house and flats on my feet. xo

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