Yes is the answer to that question, it is that bad!

I am speaking of my bathroom. The most detested room of my house. It has taken me almost 3 years to find a way to make it, well less ugly and still to this day I’m not sure I’ve succeeded. As I rent I am limited to DIY home improvements and yes there are lots of ways to create the illusion of space and all the other tricks renters try but even these bring their own challenges.


My main issue (and there are many with this room) is the tiles. Floor to ceiling tiles of what can only be described as a wishy washy, cringe-worthy mess of green and white swirl (as you can see there is no way of making these tiles look anything other than revolting, in my opinion!). It is unfortunate as if I was to decorate a room green would dominate. Anyway, initially when I approached this room I was trying to find accessories that would ‘blend in’ with the hideous tiles however no joy with that plan.

Bathroom jazz up

My new approach is to change the focus. Instead of walking in and seeing ‘those tiles’, my aim was for the eye to go directly to something else. So here it goes, the one colour I would never use in interior decor; black!

black in a bathroom

I adore black in clothing, footwear and accessories but for home interiors I feel it is too modern, I prefer a softer, more vintage feel. However I needed something so bold as to shift the focus so black it is. With only a few additions, I now walk into the bathroom and the tiles somehow, if I squint enough fade into the background of a bold monochrome shower curtain and a big black mat that adds texture and warmth. Throw in wooden triangle shelves that use up what was once dead space, a plant holder for magazines, a jam jar for my make up brushes, a hanging door storage unit for all my creams, nail polishes and of course lipsticks and a turtle just for the fun of it! By no means does the final result resemble a bathroom I actually want but hey, you can only work with what you’ve got!

Turtle fun



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