Goodies de Paris

If you haven’t already, check out both my Paris posts, first here and then here.

Before I share the goodies I bought on my little trip I have to tell you about my packing experience and only because it was my most successful pack yet!

This is what I started with and then I made the cut! Hard to believe but true.
This is what I started with and then I cut! Hard to believe but true.

I am an over-packer. The more the better is my attitude to packing, but with weight restrictions and the fact that you will probably add to the weight I thought I should be a bit sensible this time round. I tried to focus on using the most out of what I was packing, so no unnecessary items. With only 3 days in Paris I worked out I needed an outfit per day, a spare, just because, and an outfit for an evening out. I had my trusted staple item, my black jeans, three tops I would be happy to wear with them, leggings and a dress, and a cardigan that would go with everything I had with me. My red boots made the journey as I would wear them with all the outfit combinations and I threw in my red flats just in case the weather was nice. For my fancier outfit (keeping in mind I’m no party animal, just wanted to look a bit nicer than my day look) I brought an outfit I wore to a Christmas party a while ago. Black jeans which I had already packed, a black top and red heels (take a look here). As my statement piece, I had my fabulous COS coat that again I would wear over everything I had packed. That’s it. That’s all I packed! For me this is seriously good. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t use but at the same time I didn’t feel I hadn’t packed enough.

With that done, it was time to shop. I had high hopes for this trip only because since my last visit, I have started to use French brands in my skincare routine and couldn’t wait to see what the French pharmacies had to offer. I wished I had saved a bit more money prior to this trip, I could have bought so much and bought things in bulk which were great value for money. You live and learn.

What I did buy were some trusted old favourites like La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo + that I stocked up on only because they were a few euro cheaper. I also bought some new products that I have resisted buying as I’m trying to use up makeup I already have, but seeing as they were cheaper, I couldn’t resist. L’oreal Miss Manga mascara and La Roche Possay Serozonic are included in that category.


Other things I purchased were the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and the Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm. Both products are incredible and I’m so glad I reached for them. I didn’t bring my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with me as the bottle is too big and I wanted to try Bioderma so I purchased a small bottle and to be honest I’m glad I bought that size. I wasn’t really impressed with it and feel there is no difference with other brands who offer a similar product.


Besides the pharmacy, I made a trek to Sephora. I have mixed feelings about Sephora. I’m filled with excitement at the thought of going and always have a mountain of things I want to buy but when I’m there I’m left feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied. There is almost too much for me to look at and with the music and crowds, well I lose my patience. I probably sound like a Granny but shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and that is not for me. I’m sad to report this visit was no different. In the end I walked away feeling empty-handed with only two products to take home, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a lovely Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in the shade Diving in Malaysia.

Diving in Malaysia

Last of my treasures is a gorgeous and tiny Roger and Gallet  Fleur de Figuier hand cream. The scent is a little too strong for me but it does magically transport me to my grandparents’ garden, picking fresh figs from the tree. Not a bad memory at all!

I’m pretty happy with my treasures. My eyes are definitely bigger than my wallet so I’ll use this trip as a trial run! For my next visit to Paris, I will save a bit more and stock up on all the beautiful, pretty things my heart desires.



9 thoughts on “Paris II

  1. Love the COS coat!

    Sephora has stunning stuff.

    It’s funny how long it takes to master packing. I find, the shorter the trip, the harder it is to pack, tho mix’n’match HAS to be the way to go. Once I’m over the fact that I’ll be seen in photos wearing the same combinations for the duration of the trip I’m fine. Plus when you’ve a coat over everything, who cares?

  2. I just hate packing ! LOL

    I remember when I went to Sephora on the Champs Elysee I came out with ……. nothing! Guerlain down the road is much better! Yes its $$$ but its still better! LOL

    Bioderma is so kind to my eyes and yet … so is the cheaper Garnier. If Garnier ever stops making it – I will then buy Bioderma.
    I have tried the Simple one – burns my eyes 😦
    Oh how I love Roger & Gallet …. bought their soaps for ever! The carnation one – wow! When I see it at David Jones … I buy one for my Mum too.
    Sadly they are been “bought out” and the Sandalwood soaps are not the same – no perfume! still ….. I love some of their new scents and the fig one is beautiful ! Jo ….. the scent is not too strong for me! LOL

    1. I really like the Garnier Micellar Water. Such a great product for the price. La Roche Possay Effaclar Miceallar Water is my favourite I have to say but the Garnier is a bit cheaper and does the job.

      I haven’t really used too much of Roger & Gallet before only because I’m not that keen on anything with a fragrance but I’m really enjoying the hand cream I bought. Have you tried the Bois d’Orange range?


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