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With a blink of an eye and what felt like a million footsteps (just ask my folks), my holidays have been and gone. That’s right, I packed my bags for Paris (again) but this time I was able to go with my parents. A first and very memorable trip.

Doesn’t matter how many times I visit Paris, there is always so much to see and of course I always have a lot to say, so here goes.

Where are all the Parisians?

Ahhhh August in Paris. I forgot that while many of us are on our summer holidays, so are the Parisians who actually leave Paris in droves! Not too much of an issue but something to keep in mind if you are planning a trip to Paris in August. Time and time again you will see that hand written sign on a shop front window saying something along the lines of ‘closed until end of August, Bon Vacances’.


I was a little nervous about heading off to Paris this time round, mostly because my parents were travelling with us and I felt somewhat responsible for them. The decision was made to continue with our travel plans and not to be too flippant about our concerns we made a very simple emergency plan and that’s all we said about that. Even if we didn’t talk about it, our worries were hard to ignore. There was a very obvious security presence on the streets of my beloved Paris and if I’m honest I was a little jumpy. I know I am beyond fortunate that a heavily armed military presence is not part of my day-to-day life, walking the streets, checking bags and scouring everyone and everything that passed them. On the other hand it was a constant reminder of the world we are currently in. A sad and worrying one.


Paris will always be special, so let’s get on to the good bits. I had huge plans to do lots of shopping but as makeshift tour guides, I soon realised we were going to run out of time for my grand shopping plans. I did manage a few purchases, two vintage finds which I’m thrilled with. First is this polkadot number which I originally put back on the hanger because I thought the back was the front! A wide-brimmed collar really doesn’t suit me but at a closer glance I realised it was actually the back with big white buttons all the way down the dress. I tried it on (a must when it comes to vintage) and this baby was mine! In pure vintage style it is missing a few buttons and I only realised this once I was out of the changing room after giving everyone a clear view of my underwear. Once I was over my embarrassment I bought this gorgeous dress for only €8 and will enjoy my search for some replacement buttons.

Paris Vintage

The other fabulous vintage number I bought was this blue high-waisted skirt. I’m having a bit of a skirt moment of late and it’s fair to say they have replaced my black skinny jeans. This skirt is the perfect addition to my collection. Unfortunately there are no pockets, and it is an absolute pain to iron, something I don’t do, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I’ve already taken it for a spin and think it might be on repeat for some time, creases and all!

Paris Vintage

Beauty – the skincare type

Like my fashion hopes, I had huge plans to hit the French pharmacies with the same gusto and determination as I do a boulangerie. However, I think I managed about five minutes in a pharmacy while everyone waited patiently outside for me and I was rather overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to buy. I did get a few bits but you’ll have to wait until August’s Beauty Bag for all the details.

Beauty – the city

I have been to Paris I can’t tell you how many times and it never gets old. This trip was a little different as my parents were visiting the city for the very first time. With only four days in the City of Light, we wanted to show them some of the main sights and some of ‘our’ Paris. Basically walking the streets, eating, drinking and watching the world go by. It was fun to do some of the touristy things again and I know I go on and on about Paris, but boy do I love it there!



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