Did someone say croissant?


The time has come for me to get out my passport again and I’m so excited I could oui! In a few days I will be packing my bags and heading to one of my favourite cities; Paris.

Despite visiting this fabulous city numerous times and even having lived there for a short while, my excitement never fades!



I should warn you in advance, on my return from my brief visit, there will be lots of photographs of gateaux, croissants (is a croissant a gateau?), more gateaux and my new purchase(s)! I always like to mark each trip with a special purchase and what better place to buy something fabulous than Paris!



6 thoughts on “I’m so excited I could oui!

  1. I wish I could come too! LOL

    Looking forward to the gateau photos … in fact lots of other Paris photo’s !
    * I think only cakes are called Gateau.

    What arrondissement of Paris are you staying at????

  2. If you can Jo …. go to Left Bank at 76 Rue de Seine you will see Gerard Mulot – better macaron’s than Laudree and in interesting flavours plus his Millefeuilles are delish.

    Wishing you Bon Voyage !

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