Scrapbook #4


I’ve had one of those weeks where I can’t get anything done.  My head is still in Paris and my ‘To do list’ is getting longer and longer.

I had a burst of energy last weekend and tried some DIY projects, did some gardening and enjoyed the sunshine. However, I peaked too soon! So while I try to pull myself together, here’s a few pictures you may have missed.

Lunch time stroll
Lunch time stroll
Sunshine & gardening
Sunshine & gardening
Paris street art
Paris street art

Here’s to a more productive week full of favourite outfits, more DIYing for my special guest and of course, more sunshine.



4 thoughts on “Scrapbook #4

  1. The sunshine in Dublin was amazing last week, such a rare sighting that you can be forgiven putting aside to-do lists and making the most of outside.

    Long may the sunshine last tho at some point those tasks do need to be attended to

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