It has been an eventful week here and I have been fortunate enough to go to some fun events. Even more fun is dressing for them.

Some of you may already know what I’ve been up to if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook but let’s just say I have been exploring what Dublin has to offer this time of year, previewing a SS15 collection, listening to some wonderful live music in St Patrick’s Cathedral and going fancy shmancy with afternoon tea.

Preparation time

Needless to say some old favourites came out for these events.  I had a moment actually this week of feeling like I always wear the same thing lately and it’s probably true but hey that’s ok. The pieces that seem to get a good work out do so because they are comfortable, versatile and some are on repeat just because I love wearing them!

For nearly all of my outings this week my latest COS coat (My kind of luxury) made an appearance and I know I have already written a post about it so you know that I love it!

rain rain go away

It just so happened the evening I was lucky enough to preview a SS15 collection, Dublin really turned up that winter feeling. It was a bit of a rush going from work to this event and I wanted to concentrate on my makeup so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on my outfit. Because of the torrential rain I knew I had to wear boots, so out came my heeled black boots, skinny black jeans and yes the horses  joined me for the ride (Did you say something?). I love the shape of the shirt with skinny jeans and by mixing it up with boots, red shoes, jewellery or different coloured lips, I never feel it’s the same.

It's a winner

I was really looking forward to the main event, my lovely fancy shmancy afternoon tea and mostly because of the outfit I wanted to wear. Yes the afternoon tea was very indulgent and unnecessary but a lovely treat all the same. My luxurious black heels came out for the occasion (My kind of luxury) and I paired them with high waisted polka dots pants, a red and gold belt and a fairly plain black top as I wanted the pants and shoes to be the feature. This outfit is a completely different silhouette to the one mentioned earlier and it combines some favourite pieces so I was really looking forward to putting it all together. Needles to say the cakes added to my excitement!


On a completely different note I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit and exploring Dublin’s Christmas markets. Today really was the perfect day for this, a very bright, crisp day so warmth and sun glasses were key. My winter coat was out (this deserves a post of its own) and my New York red sneakers were on so I was ready to wander the stalls for hours! With coffee in one had, autumn leaves at my feet and a very difficult decision of ‘what to eat next’,  it was a good day all round!

One cup of coffee please

Here’s  to next week’s events and outfits!



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