I have always loved the look of a white shirt. On jeans, black pants, on top of a patterned skirt, formal, casual, structure, loose, the options are endless.

Despite all that, when it comes down to it white and I just don’t get along.


Thankfully I found a way to combine a few of my likes all in one shirt. Loose fitted, dressy but with a touch of fun and it’s white with a bonus of a print!


Actually I wasn’t going to try this on but on a closer look I saw them…horses!! I don’t particular like or dislike horses but for some reason I love this pattern.


Maybe it’s because I feel like I am never alone when I wear it!




3 thoughts on “Did you say something?

  1. A shirt with endless hours of conversation, from afar a white patterned shirt very classic and pretty but like you said up close it opens up a whole new world, a statement made walking through St Stephen,s Park or strolling the crowds at the Melbourne Cup!!!

    1. Can you imagine wearing this to the Melbourne Cup!! I was going to title this piece ‘why the long face’ but thought it would be too much of a dad joke! xo

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