March so far

I was very excited about my same but different theme for this month and so far it is going well. I’m all raring to go and have started to learn a few new things and have revisited some old ones.

If you follow lovetomtom on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you would have seen me mention that I’m on Snapchat! Yep I’ve taken the leap and I’m giving it a go. I’ll be honest, I feel like I’m about one hundred years old when I try to use it and so far, my brain just doesn’t get it. I can hear my dad as he reads this, firstly saying ‘what is Snapchat?’ then saying, ‘now she knows how I feel about technology’. Mind you my dad is not one hundred but it has taken him a bit longer to get to up to speed with technology. It is very early days and like anything, practise or in this case snapping makes perfect so I’m going to stick with it and have a bit of fun. If you’re on Snapchat leave your username below so I can look you up and don’t forget to add me, lovetomtom1.


Something else I’ve start this month is that I am re-learning Italian. It is probably the biggest regret not being fluent in Italian. Embarrassing really when I was surrounded by the language my entire life but sometimes fear can get the better of us so in the comfort and security of my phone I am practising my Italian daily thanks to Duolingo. I’m sure there are loads of language apps out there, I just happen to be using this one and it seems to be working. In a short space of time I feel I’ve been conditioned to the ding that sounds when you get an answer right, like one of Pavlov’s dogs and the desire to succeed makes me return day after day after day. If only there was food as my reward! Now I’m not starting from scratch but I have learnt some new words and so excited was I that one day on the bus I just happened to overhear a conversation in Italian and recognised one of my ‘new words’. I wanted to share my excitement with them but seeing as they were strangers I thought it best to celebrate in silence. What has made this so successful for me (so far) is that it’s easy. I don’t have to go anywhere, it’s not costing me any money and even if I only do five minutes a day I feel like I’m making progress. Here’s hoping this continues and the day I get to pack my bags and move to Italy I will be considered one of the locals. A girl can dream!

Italian Duo Lingo style

The other thing you may have seen pop up in some of my pictures this month is that when I can I’m learning to ‘go with the flow’. For some people this might seem a no brainer but for me in certain situations, I need to make the effort. I’m glad to say so far so good. Again, I hope this continues well beyond March.

Keep tagging your own #lovetomtomSBD as I love to see what you’re learning this month.



2 thoughts on “#lovetomtomSBD

  1. Haven’t even attempted to try and find out more about snapchat other than the name 😉
    Technology is great though, like apps to learn languages.
    Thanks for sharing on ShowcaseTuesday

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