June is here already, the sun is shining, yes I said the sun is shining and it’s time for a new same but different theme. This month I’ve decided to focus on photographs. Taking them, printing them, hanging them and changing them around.

I always take photographs and I mean always, but what do I do with them? I’m currently working on a project that requires me to print some of them and it hit me, why don’t I do this more often? I take a lot of photographs on my phone but this month my camera is going to be my third eye and I’m going to take every opportunity to snap away at any old thing!

The other thing that got me thinking this month is the weather. I have a lot of photographs around the house and with the sun shining I thought now is the time for a little spruce up, so they are going on rotation. It’s amazing how the same frame with a different photograph or even moving it to a different spot in the house can freshen things up. Better still, besides printing the photographs, this is not going to cost me a cent!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye so far. Colours, patterns, shapes, inspiration and some old favourites that are getting another look.



New York

Don’t forget to tag your photographs with #lovetomtomSBD. I can’t wait to see things through your eyes!



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