April Wrap up & Recipe of the  month

What a fun topic last month’s same but different was! If I’m honest I spent more time reading up on different recipes than actually making them but as with all of my same but different topics, they don’t end because the month is up, so there is plenty of time to cook, bake, share and of course eat!

There have been some real highlights the past month. It’s amazing what can happen when you look at things with a different perspective. It turned out that some of the dishes in my Moroccan feast are no longer different recipes but permanent fixtures in my repertoire. I tried different ingredients in my daily juice with the most memorable one being peas! Another same but different this month and one I’m very much looking forward to is thanks to Indy Power of The Little Green Spoon. Now Indy’s recipes are not new to me but I was delighted to hear that her fabulous recipes will take shape in a cookbook and you know how fond I am of those!

Harissa cauliflower

Pea juice

The Little Green Spoon
Photograph courtesy of The Little Green Spoon

And now it is time for Recipe of the month. Thank you to everyone who sent in their recipes! I’m glad I’m not the only one completely obsessed with food! This month’s recipe is thanks to the wonderful Eavan from Dublin. Eavan shares my love for pancakes and the clever lady that she is introduced me to pancake mini muffins. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before! The name says it all, pancakes in the form of little muffins. Easy to make, totally delicious and the options are endless. Use whatever recipe you normally use for a basic pancake mix, I use this one and add whatever you like to the mixture. Pour into a greased muffin tin and bake for about 12 mins at 180 degrees. Of course it all depends on your oven and how your prefer your mini pancakes so if you want them a little crispy on the outside, leave them in a bit longer or if you prefer a more gooey texture, take them out sooner.

 For this batch I added a small dollop of homemade blackberry and apple jam and the only bad thing about them was that I wanted to eat all of them! I have tried a few different variations, jam, fresh blueberries, peanut butter and next I’m going to try a savoury version. The thing I really like about this recipe (and the point of same but different) is that my love for pancakes has taken a different form, literally. I love that these are so easy to make and that I can even transport them with me to nibble on at work. Well done Eavan!

It really was a fun same but different and I look forward to working my way through all of your recipes.



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