Food, food and more food!


lovetomtom same but different for April and May has been all about food, recipes, cooking baking and of course eating.

The Moroccan Soup Bar’s cookbook ignited it all and after some menu planning I tried my hand at my very own Moroccan feast. Not only was I trying something different I thought I would try to snap about it at the same time! I’m glad that March’s #lovetomtomSBD is still kicking on.

Moroccan feast
Snappng and menu planning

My final menu was the amazing chickpea bake, cabbage, cucumber and walnut salad and harissa potatoes with cauliflower. There was one major hiccup before I even started, as the night I decided to whip up a storm, I realised I had forgotten to soak the chickpeas so the feast was pushed back a night (or two). I got there eventually and I’m so glad I gave it ago.

What I made was absolutely delicious but it definitely wasn’t as good as the original. Not to worry as there were no complaints and the leftovers were technically not leftovers as they got eaten so quickly!

Moroccan feast


Moroccan feast


Moroccan feast

I’ve a few more recipes on the list to try and thanks to everyone who has sent their recipes for me to try. Keep them coming as one of you will get the title of Recipe of the Month. There are loads of ways to get in touch and you can find them here.

Moroccan feast
Snapping and eating




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