Creation Aerial

Most of you would know by now that as part of this month’s same but different I’m trying to find ways to make exercise fun. I’ve been getting on my bike more often in the hope of turning my fear of cycling on Dublin’s busy streets into a fun way of getting around. That one is a work in progress. The other thing I have started is Creation Aerial and yes it is as fun as it sounds.

I’ve only had two classes and gave my initial thoughts on Snapchat.  If you missed it I spoke briefly about my fear of started something new, my excitement and the pain! Even holding the phone was difficult! I’m going to give this adventure my full attention and will spill the beans at the end of my five weeks of classes. While you patiently wait in anticipation for what it is all about, here is a sneak peak of what  I’ve been up to.

Creation Aerial

Thank you Ms C for taking this action shot. I’m clearly delighted with myself and I promise it is much much harder than it looks.



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