September and October


I have been toying with this month’s same but different for so long that it will be September 2017 before I put pen to paper! You may have heard my recent ramblings on Snapchat about why it was taking me so long. In fact, I needed a little recap as to why I’m doing same but different in the first place and if we cast our minds back to January when it all started, I wanted 2016 to have no new year’s resolutions, no unrealistic expectations, the same things, just different.

Lately there has been one thing on my mind; exercise. There I said it! I got this notion some time ago that I wanted to start cycling to work and the lightbulb went off in my head. This was perfect for same but different but then it hit me: The fear, the planning, the hard work, the dread. At times, these are all things I associate with exercise. Ok so this isn’t the same but different, this is exactly the same! Hence my procrastination on the matter.

Cycling wasn’t the only thing I wanted to try. Even though I don’t really like swimming I thought it would be a good thing to do especially in the winter months ahead. Why would I do something I don’t like, you ask? My thoughts exactly! I could easily spend the next week telling you why I find exercise difficult, physically and mentally but we are all grown up enough to know our own demons and the struggles that people may have. One thing I will say is that, sometimes I like exercising and when I’m in that space, in no way does it feel like a chore. I am not in that place at the minute.


So here I am saying that #lovetomtomSBD for Septermenbr and October is going to be about exercise. My plan is to try different forms of exercise like swimming and cycling. For me, at this stage the key to this is that I don’t have to exercise. Of course it’s good for one’s health and all that but like all the other same but differents, this is about having a different perspective so I am going to look at exercise for the next two months as fun things to do and not something I dread.

I’m glad to say that I made my first attempt a few weeks ago in preparation. One Sunday morning I got on my bike and cycled to work as a trial run. For some of you this is no big deal but for me it was a huge deal as I’m rather a scaredy cat when it comes to cycling and traffic. Even though I haven’t cycled to work in peak hour traffic, it was a huge achievement and one that needs more practice. You can guess what I’ll be doing the next few weekends; cycling to work and on the road!

Whether it is cycling, tennis, swimming or aerial acrobatics (something else I looked at), walking, pilates or whatever tickles my fancy I am going to look for one thing in each; fun! Fun in the activity, fun with the people I do it with, fun, fun, fun. That is going to be the key.


Wish me luck and don’t forget you can join in too. What do you do for exercise? Is it fun or a drag? Is there anything that you do to make it fun? I would love to hear from you and I should warn you in advance, you may be flooded with photographs of swimming cap hair, my flushed sweaty face and dare I say it….activewear!



5 thoughts on “Exercise is fun?!

  1. Hi Jo
    What about going back to one of your many talents as a young girl …….dancing.
    Ma and pa love it and yes it is good excerise both physically and for the mind……..cha cha cha

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