I got married!!

The outfit!

I have been bursting at the seams to share this post. I can’t believe I have kept quiet for so long! Put the kettle on, I’ve got a lot to say.

For anyone who has gotten married and knew exactly what they wanted to wear, lucky you! I had no idea. I knew what I didn’t want to wear. No white, cream, off white, nude, champagne or any version of this colour palette. Actually I knew quite a lot of things I didn’t want. No strapless ensemble, nothing that required special underwear, tape or anything that would need an army to dress me and no to a full length gown. I did the usual ‘wedding‘ board on Pinterest for ideas. This board was started long before I knew I was getting married and if I’m honest, when I’m pinning it’s usually dresses I think would be great as wedding dresses but not necessarily on me. While you’re there take a look at my ‘Let’s get fancy‘ board as most of those outfits could be potential wedding attire but I had no intention of spending a year’s salary on a gown. So, other than a bit of fun daydreaming about Valentino, Pinterest was no use to me.

Shopping was what I needed and that’s exactly what I did. Even though there were a few things I knew I didn’t want, there were two things I knew for sure. I knew that I wanted to be able to wear my wedding outfit again and again and again and I knew who I was going to take shopping with me. This very dear friend I had in mind is honest, knows me very well and in this case, she was pushy. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course but she made me try on things that I maybe wouldn’t have and in this situation it was what I needed. The other thing I’m very grateful for is technology. How great that you can try something on, take a picture,  go home and look, analyse, look some more and send it to those that may be too far away to come shopping with you to do exactly the same.

I’m going to get to the juicy part now and my visit to Costume, the place where it all happened.  Somehow without me even opening my mouth the staff knew I was looking for a wedding outfit. Psychics? They asked all the right questions and gave me the time to browse. They looked at what I picked out for myself and they added to it. I tried on two outfits that I was happy to buy then and there. They were nice and as my friend said, she would expect me to wear something like that but she reminded me this was my wedding and not a bbq. Then the sales assistant came towards me and said ‘try this on’. Me: ‘Oh no I would never wear that colour.’ She: ‘Just try it on’. I’m glad I listened.

Somehow the combination of the satin Dice Kayek  midi skirt and Roland MouretEugene‘ top made me feel absolutely incredible and that was just standing in the shop! I loved that the two pieces were different fabrics and textures and that they were slightly different shades of blue. I loved the contrast in shapes of the two pieces. The angles of the top against the feminine skirt created a silhouette that I couldn’t believe was mine. I loved that the top despite its angular lines was fluid and the tiny black ribbon at the back holding it together to reveal a sneaky glimpse of skin, was a tiny detail with a big impact. I loved that the front was equally as interesting as the back and I loved that the skirt had pockets! I took a chance and left the store, empty-handed to mull over this stunning ensemble. I think I was in shock that with just one day’s shopping I had potentially found my wedding outfit. All I kept thinking was, could it be that easy? Somehow the weeks flew by me and nearly six weeks later, I decided I had better get this sorted. I tried on another dress, surprisingly in the same colour which went to the top of my list and before I made my purchase I said to myself while I’m out I’ll go back to Costume see if the first outfit I tried on was still there. It was and it was just as fabulous! Then and there, I bought my wedding outfit.

Getting ready!
Photograph by Alex Feld
Getting ready
Photograph by Alex Feld

Just to add to the success of this experience, after I bought it I went across the road to one of my favourite spots in Dublin, Om Diva. Not looking for anything wedding-related, I was having a great poke about when I saw this gorgeous vintage blue satin purse and it immediately became mine!

Something old
Photograph by Alex Feld

With that sorted all I had left to do was sort out my shoes. I think I tried on every shoe in Dublin and drove everyone around me crazy with my shoe dilemma. My dilemma was that I wanted to wear dark shoes as I’m not a fan of nude shoes and I wanted to be able to wear them all day and wear them again after the wedding. I thought black heels would be too harsh against the blue, so I searched and searched and searched. In the end, I realised I was being completely ridiculous and if I wanted to wear black shoes I should. So I did! With a week or so to our New York wedding I found a fabulous pair of black textured heels in Zara and they were perfect and I’ve worn them since.

New York wedding!
Photograph by Alex Feld

With all that said there is still more to come. April’s beauty bag will be my wedding beauty bag and the final part to ‘I got married‘ will be all about our amazing wedding day in New York. I’m saving the best pictures until last.

First stroll as husband & wife
Photograph by Alex Feld



9 thoughts on “I got married!!!

  1. Just dying for last installment. Can’t wait to see u and Mr. B on your wedding day. Absolutely love the dress. Colour is amazing, dying to see full frontal shot of dress. Hugs dear friend x

  2. Hi Jo! I totally remember you coming in and trying on a few outfits with us in Costume and I’m so happy to hear that I was able to help in any little way. You’re an absolutely gorgeous bride. Thanks so much for the lovely words and hope you visit us again soon! Congratulations! xx

    1. Thanks so much Roisin! I love everything about the outfit and if you ladies hadn’t shown it to me I never would’ve looked at it! I’ll pop my head into you beauties soon xo

  3. The dress is gorgeous and that little blue purse – so pretty. Can’t wait for next installment 😉
    Thanks for sharing in #ShowcaseTuesday linky

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