November’s Beauty Bag

I’m sorry to report it’s a rather empty looking beauty bag this month. Not much in it but it’s not all bad. I spent most of the month drooling over potential wish-list items, pretending I own all of them!

Let’s start with something I actually own; this tiny little beautiful bottle of lip oil heaven. It took me a while to get my hands on the Lancôme Juicy Shaker but not for want of trying. Every time I sampled these gorgeous lip oils I changed my mind about which shade I wanted and walked away empty-handed. Pretty indecisive, I know! However, I finally made a decision and went for the delicious Vanilla Pop and yes, it is actually delicious. If you have never used a lip oil before and you’re not sure what to expect, all I can say is it is nothing like a lip gloss. It is light and moisturising. No tacky, sticky feeling, just pure bliss for your lips. As an avid lipstick wearer I would say the staying power of the oil is not great but everything else about it is so good it doesn’t matter. I think it’s clear I love this product. If you were thinking about trying it I have seen a Christmas gift set of three which is great value for money.

November's Beauty Bag

Next is another lip product and not a newbie but one that has been pushed to the front of the stack; again. I have spoken about Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel and how wonderful it is and not just for lips. It’s back again and I especially like it in the colder weather when my lips feel a little dryer. I love applying it before bed and waking up with the softest, most lush lips! It goes with me everywhere so definitely deserves another mention.

November's Beauty Bag

Last in the beauty bag this month is Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps which I got in a goody bag from a Littlewoods Ireland press preview earlier in the year, It’s not something I would buy for myself as I usually just spend my money on nail polish but I am glad I was able to try it. It claims the ‘Breakthrough patented gel that protects & strengthens fragile, soft or damaged nails’  and I think I have to agree. I use this as a base coat and have noticed the effects when wearing it. I have no idea if there are any long lasting effects but I like it all the same and would definitely purchase it myself.

November's Beauty Bag

Just for fun take a peak at a few things I’m lusting over. First look at the amazing Nars Give In Take eye and cheek palette as part of the Sarah Moon collection. I have seen some of this collection in person but this is just something else entirely!

Then there is Bobbi Brown’s City Collection and trust me this is just one of many wish-list products from Bobbi Brown!

There are so many amazing products out this time of year. Some sold out before they hit the shelves but it’s nice to look anyway. You never know – Santa might be reading this as I type!



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