Wardrobe staples



Move over skinnies; there’s new trousers in town. You heard – my staple black skinny jeans have been replaced. I blame my beloved jumpsuit. The wide, cropped leg inspired me to invest in a pair of culottes for winter and they have been crowned this week’s outfit of the week.

Culottes can be tricky to wear. They need to sit on the waist at just the right spot and be just the right length and if not, things can go horribly wrong. If I’m honest, these Zara culottes on the hanger are everything I want. Elastic waist, pockets, tie at the front. All very positive features. However, it feels like someone got the measurements wrong, leaving the material about half a centimetre short in a rather uncomfortable spot. Get my drift?


I’m persisting though as the positives outweigh the negatives. Whether it’s boots, tights, socks, sneakers, heels, a cardigan or a shirt, these black culottes are the perfect staple for the winter months ahead. What’s even better is they have become a part of one of my favourite outfits. The culottes and my white ‘hug’ in a jumper are a match made in heaven.


These trousers are here to stay!




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