Summer Trends

Part II


You may remember a while back I wrote about potential Summer trends;  jumpsuits, culottes and skirts. Well, after some research and a brief shopping spree with my partner in crime,  I took the plunge and made a purchase (click here and here to see why I love shopping with my sis).


I found not only the perfect pair of culottes but the perfect jumpsuit. Best part is, it’s one piece! How delighted was I to find a culotte/jumpsuit combo that ticked all the boxes?!

After trying a few on, something I would highly recommend, it was very clear what worked for me and I’m glad I persisted. In the end I found a lovely navy blue jumpsuit. Both the waistline and leg length are just right for me and it has a nice texture throughout the fabric which gives it a little something without being a print. It really does tick all the boxes and it was hard not to walk out of the store wearing it!

Jumpsuit styling

Although thin straps are not something I would normally reach for, the culottes balance out the amount of skin on display, making it perfect for a night out. I can easily imagine myself in let’s say Capri wearing this on a night out, soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand, but I digress. For a daytime look the options are endless. You know you are onto a winner when you can image yourself wearing it to all sorts of occasions and styling it in all sorts of ways.  A vest underneath or a bomber jacket for cooler weather, heels or flats, this really is multiple outfits in one!


 A great piece that is going to take centre stage in my wardrobe.



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