Summer wardrobe update.

Still not a bikini in sight!

Are you sick of hearing me talk about summer? I guess it depends where you live in the world but I’m sick of even the word summer. Mostly because I feel like I’m waiting for something that is never going to happen! I did a bit of a shopping spree with my sis on her recent visit to Dublin and got some great summer pieces and I haven’t really been able to wear them.

 To be honest, as much as I love summer, I can find dressing in the warmer weather a bit stressful but I decided to take a different approach this year. My aim this summer was to feel as comfortable as possible with pieces I could rely on, no fussing with underwear or anything like that and I wanted pieces that would be a great addition for more than just one season! Basically, I wanted to invest in pieces, not trends!

You already saw one of my purchases, my beautiful Zara jumpsuit. I have only worn it a few times since I bought it, mostly because I haven’t had the occasion to wear it but I know this is a piece I can take through summer to winter. It is currently hanging up on my bedroom ladder and I love looking at it.


With the jumpsuit added to my wardrobe, I was on the look out for another midi skirt or even a three-quarter length dress. Thankfully I found this fabulous linen dress from GAP. There is nothing to the dress really, drawstrings on the waist, high round neck, tank sleeves and it is slightly longer at the back with a slit on either side of the skirt. I don’t even know what made me try it on as it wasn’t jumping out at me but I did and I’m glad I did! The draw strings allow you to tie it where you like, the length of the skirt falls at my mid calf at the front and it’s a touch longer at the back, so it feels summery yet covered up at the same time. The fabric is soft and I wanted to walk out of the store wearing it! Although the fabric has a more casual feel, it can easily be dressed up with a chunky necklace and the grey is a good base for all sorts of colour combinations. Red shoes come to mind.

GAP linen dress

Next I found this beautiful dress that was a bit of a surprise to me. The geometric print caught my eye and although I wouldn’t normally go for pink, I just had to try it on. The print and colours are not too in your face and the fit is just lovely. Like the GAP dress, it has a round neck and tank sleeves. It falls just under the knee and there are pockets on the front which I love. I thought this would be a good dress to travel with when I’m next able to pack my bag for a sunnier climate. It’s a winner all round!


Geometric dress

Two other things you may have seen me wear over the past few weeks are a coral frill tank top from TopShop and a polka dot, jewelled t-shirt from ZARA (sorry I can’t find a link to the t-shirt). I really like the coral colour of the tank and the frill makes it a bit more interesting than a plain tank top.  I was actually thinking it would look great over my jumpsuit if I didn’t feel like having too much skin on display and also a great match on my black and white polka dot midi skirt. The t-shirt, well I bought it just for fun! The polka dots, the jewels; how could I not?! A perfect combination over black jeans for more casual days.

Coral frill top

Zara polka dot tshirt

It definitely was worth saving my pennies and investing in pieces that suit my body shape and style. Better still, everything besides my jumpsuit, I bought on sale! Now I just need the weather to wear them!

What are you wearing this summer?



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