Summer trends

and not a bikini in sight! 

You’ve probably guessed the season is changing here in Dublin and there have been glimpses of the sun and even warmish weather. I’m delighted about this of course but (yes there’s a but), I’m already getting a bit tired of all the silliness that comes with ‘getting ready for summer’.

Summer doesn’t have to be all bikinis and shorty shorts. There are other ways to feel good in the heat and although it has yet to officially arrive, it’s nice to explore what’s on offer.

I’m still in ‘research’ mode and my research involves trying a lot of things on even when I think, ‘do I look ridiculous?’ and of course checking out Pinterest. I’m not one for change room photographs so photos will come once I have made some purchases. As for Pinterest, I have devoted a whole board to these summer trends. I really don’t pin enough but once I get going it’s hard to stop! I will try to add a description to each outfit but it won’t be a surprise why some have made it to the board. Something else to remember, although I’m talking summer trends, some outfits I’ve pinned may be worn in cooler months. Remove a jacket, add sandals and there you have it, a summer outfit. Have a read here first then jump on over to Pinterest to see what’s catching my eye.

Ok, so first up is one thing I have long admired but never dared to wear; a jumpsuit. Not always, but sometimes I see someone in a jumpsuit and think, ‘they look great’ but most times I’m thinking, ‘you look like you’re in pjs’. I have only started to look at them in more detail and there are a few things to be mindful of. Proportion is the first thing. Legs, waist, torso, there is a lot to think about and so important to get right. The other thing to keep in mind – and this is not necessarily just for jumpsuits – is skin! Yes I said skin. If I was going to wear one, I would prefer to have legs covered and thinner straps on top. If you were going for a shorter jumpsuit, wider straps or even sleeves would be a good way to keep everything balanced. At this stage and having only tried on one jumpsuit, this may have to be left in the ‘not for me’ category, but I will continue in my search. Click here to see a jumpsuit that I tried on. Unfortunately it had to go straight back on the shelf.

Another trend that seems to be on every shelf this season are culottes. I can’t even believe I am writing about culottes! Culottes to me are something I wore during my daggy stage (the Australian is coming out in me) so I am really undecided about these. It is important to remember that just because something is a trend, seen on the runways or in every shop on the high street, it does not automatically means it looks good! I like the idea of culottes and mixing and matching with different accessories and styles, but I have the same issue with them as I do with the jumpsuit. It’s important to get the proportions right. There is so much material going on so I would be inclined to pair it with a shorter singlet/vest, but then shorter tops open a whole other can of worms. I’m heading more towards thinking this look could work and I like that it could be taken to other seasons. Click here to see a pair that may be getting added to my wardrobe.

Skirts are next on the list, specifically one I haven’t worn in years; the pencil skirt. I tried one on recently and wondered why I don’t wear them more often. For me, the pencil skirt creates  a silhouette that I like (similar to skinny jeans and a loose-fitting top),  and it is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe. I have a vague memory of making pencil skirts back in the day and think I will give it another go. I would be extra picky with the choice of fabric as some can be rather tight which, for me, is not the point. I want it to create a nice shape while still allowing me to feel comfortable in the warmer months.

Another skirt I am one hundred percent sold on is the midi skirt. Let’s be clear; I said midi, not mini! The midi skirt is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways. This skirt is possibly the reason I may have turned to culottes as they are so similar but I wonder with the culottes, why I wouldn’t just wear a skirt? Anyway, food for thought. I don’t care whether midi skirts are ‘on trend’ or not. I already have a few in my wardrobe which you have probably seen before and from what has taken my fancy so far, there are endless options; polka dots, stripes, patterns, heels, sandals or sneakers, take your pick! I have a feeling this may become a staple for the summer.

An oldie but a goodie. I love this black & white polka dot skirt not only because of where I bought it but also because it works with so many things.

I will keep you posted as I continue my research and if I actually decide to take the plunge. Until then don’t forget to follow lovetomtom on Pinterest and let’s hope summer is on the way so I can wear some of these outfits!



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