This week’s #OOTW is an oldie but definitely a goodie.

Before I make the big reveal, a bit of history about this dress. This dress was given to me by my fabulous sister Mrs P. Why she gave it up I have no idea but I bet she is sorry now! My sis is all kinds of fabulous and my shopping partner. Hard to do when we live on opposite sides of the world, but we manage. We have very similar taste, often picking up the same clothes and at times even buying them! Living on opposite sides of the world means there is no chance of wearing them at the same time, the only benefit to our distance. Another reason I like shopping with Mrs P is because she’s honest and it’s her honesty that has helped me be confident in the choices I make, and laugh at the bad ones I’ve made!

Me & Mrs P. I can't take credit for this pic so thanks to Mum or Dad for capturing this beautiful sister moment some 28 years ago

 When I look at photos of our childhood it is clear why we have such similar taste. We were often dressed in identical clothes or the same clothes but different colours and like any little sis, I remember always wanting what she had. I adored my big sis (often to her annoyance) and that hasn’t changed one bit! I love her ‘hand me downs’ and on my visits home I will often park myself in front of her wardrobe and ask ‘what have you got to give me?’  She always replies ‘nothing’ but like the great big sis that she is, I always walk away with a new wardrobe.

I tell you all this because the dress that is this week’s #OOTW was originally owned by Mrs P. You may have seen it before (Blue and green should be seen) and I’ll be honest I wear this dress a lot! I love everything about it. Blue and white polka dots, loose enough to be a great summer dress and just the right amount of detailing to make it feminine. It’s a perfect length for me, and the neck line and sleeves even out the bit of leg that is shown. I know summer means showing skin but this dress keeps it all very tasteful.

Blue & white poke dot dress

Blue & white polka dot dress

This dress doesn’t get put away when the sun takes a break. It gets a good run all year round and is starting to show its age but I don’t care. Tights, cardigans, bare legs, flats, boots or brogues, you can understand why it’s on repeat.

The fact that this dress was inexpensive and given to me by my big sis is even more reason for me to love it.

Polka dots & red shoes



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