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A very nice thing happened recently, the lovely The Chic Times Magazine nominated lovetomtom for a Liebster Award! First things first: don’t forget to check out The Chic Times Magazine and second, a brief run down of the award itself.

I’ll keep this brief but the gist of the Liebster Awards is that it is a way to discover new bloggers in a  ‘pay it forward’ kind of way. The idea is that now that I have been nominated, I share a few things with readers about myself and then I nominate new bloggers, ask them a few questions and they do the same.

As it turns out I was fortunate enough to be nominated a second time by the fabulous Street or Chic. You can see why I’m so glad to be apart of the blogger community! I’m not sure of the exact rules of being nominated more than once so I’ll take a few questions from each nomination just to mix it up a bit.

Q. The Chic Times Magazine and Street of Chic:

1. What inspired you to start your blog? (TCTM) 

Not that interesting of a tale really. A few people had suggested it and for once I didn’t give it a lot of thought (unusual for me) and away I went.

What's in my handbag

2. What three items do you always carry in your handbag? (SOC)  

Lipstick(s), my phone and my phone charger.

3. Describe your dream vacation (TCTM)  

A few years back Mr B and I took a year off and moved to France. We moved around the country, house sit after house sit and to be honest it was one of the best years of my life (possible blog post?) I know not every holiday can be 12 months long but it is something that we dream about doing again in a different country. Other than that, a dream holiday is a balance of comforts such as a clean shower and discovering something new.

4. Tell us one random fact about yourself (TCTM)  

Some may be horrified but here goes: I hate cats! Yes it’s true – I think they’re evil.

5. London Paris or New York? (SOC)  

This is a tough one. I’ve lived in London and lucky enough to live in Paris for a short time so the only way to truly answer this question is if I live in NY for a while so I’ll get back to you once that’s happened!

7. What is your favourite movie? (TCTM)  

I’m a fan of musicals so really anything with singing and dancing and I’m sold.

My pick me up

9. What is your ultimate ‘pick-me-up’ when you are feeling down? (TCTM)  

Food! Baking, cooking and eating!

10. One word to describe your blog? (SOC) 

Fun! (For me anyway, I hope for you too!)

11. What is a beauty product you would repurchase again and again? (TCTM)

La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo + is my must have product and has been for the past year. Since starting lovetomtom I have really discovered so many great bloggers and therefore reviews of makeup and skincare which I find so useful. That’s how I discovered this product and it really works for me! (See Standout products 2014)

And now for the nominees (In my best award ceremony voice):

From my dining table 

The Migrant Chef

The Fashion Horn

Sarah Goodreau

 no thyme to waste

Hey, cakes!

Nest & Dressed

Q. lovetomtom:

1. Photographs or words?

2. If we were out for a meal what would you order?

3. If there were chips involved in this meal, would you let me eat some?

4. What item are you dreaming about to add to your wardrobe/kitchen/house etc?

5. Favourite season?

6. What do you love about blogging?


Don’t forget as part of the award you have to link back to the blogger that nominated you, answer their questions, nominate new bloggers with under 200 twitter followers, ask them some questions and of course let them know they have been nominated. There are different versions of the rules so I’m just going with the flow as I know some bloggers have been nominated already and others may have over 200 followers but all are worth checking out!

A huge thank you again to The Chic Times Magazine and Street of Chic for including me in the Liebster Award.



2 thoughts on “Liebster Awards

    1. Adele I knew you were already nominated and had read your post but wanted to give you the nomination anyway.

      I may have to reconsider after the chip comment!!!


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