Awards Season 


The BAFTAS  this year felt like fewer stars gracing the red carpet but for me, more winners on the style front.

Let’s kick it off with Julianne Moore in Armani. At first I wasn’t sure about this dress given I’m not a fan of white or cream but after a closer look I love everything about it. If you do a search you will see that she looked absolutely stunning arriving in a black cape. Anyone that can pull of that kind of glamour in winter knows what they are doing! The neck line works perfectly with her hair and the plunging back line with the softness of the black straps makes this so elegant and easy. Some might say this is boring compared to some other very colourful outfits she has worn but that makes me like the look even more. I’m not sure I would wear this dress myself (you never know!) but overall this is a winning look.

Julianne Moore

Next to catch my eye and one that I definitely would wear is this fabulous Miu Miu dress worn by Stacey Martin. The pattern, the fabric, the colours! Elegant but fun! A perfect combination for me and if I did have the opportunity to own such a glamour gown, I would wear it every day, even to the supermarket!

Stacey Martin

Saoirse Ronan has made it here again, wearing this beautiful firework sequin appliqué Burberry dress. If I’m honest I’m not that keen on the print (and you know how I feel about strapless dresses) but for some reason prints on the red carpet warm my heart. Her makeup, hair and that necklace completed the outfit to make this one of her most memorable looks for me.

Saoirse Ronan

The next favourite is a bit sneaky as it is technically from the BAFTAS after party but would you take a look at this amazing Alexander McQueen number worn by Cate Blanchett! As you can imagine I am in monochrome heaven. Despite her actual award gown being a contender (another amazing Alexander McQueen gown), this really is the standout for me. Chic, no-fuss kind of elegance. My kind of style.

Cate Blanchett

Don’t forget to check out lovetomtom on Instagram for all the details of these fabulous gowns.



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