Find of the Week

It’s not very often I buy an item of clothing that is out of season. I have a tendency to want to wear any new purchase immediately so buying something for winter while I’m in the middle of summer is not really my style. Can you guess what’s coming? This week I found myself in my local charity store ready for a good old hunt and boy did I find a winter treasure!

This stunning, textured peachy coral zip up COS jumper stood out like a pot of gold at the end of the fashion rainbow. I saw it, I felt it, I didn’t even try it on and yet I knew it had to be mine. I’m finding it hard to fight the urge to wear it immediately but don’t worry I would never wish for cooler weather. Mind you, I live in Dublin so you might get to see a full view sooner rather than later!

Find of the week


Find of the week

COS is a brand that fulfils the minimalist in me. Their clean, sharp lines are so aesthetically pleasing so to find this jumper at only €6 with the element on top of my wish list, texture, is an absolute fashion miracle!

I know it is only June but this has the potential to be find of the year!




2 thoughts on “Find of the Week

  1. I’m exactly thesame I love to wear things or use them straight away. Love the colour. I’ve never ventured into Cos. I do love there simple lines though xx Siobhan

    1. Oh Siobhan you should go in to COS and have a poke around. It is definitely a specific style but I like that I can dip in and out of that minimalist look xo

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