Green Soup


It’s time to get back into sharing some of my favourite recipes and this month’s #ROTM is a doozy! Winter means soup for me but I have to say as fond as I am of soup I can sometimes get bored so I was thrilled to discover this Rosemary Ferguson recipe. The title says it all really; this soup is green. Green and delicious! I was sceptical at first but I decided to go with it.

Basically there is a whole lot of green in this soup. Courgettes, broccoli, kale, lime, a few  herbs, coriander, ginger, turmeric and of course garlic and salt. Click here for all the recipe details.

Super easy and super tasty. If you’re a fan of soup you need to give this a go. The crisp, citrus flavour of the lime against the vegetables provides a fresh but hearty soup and a new favourite for the winter months.





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