#lovetomtomSBD Nov

Before anyone tells me off for saying the ‘C’ word, the only reason I’m bringing it up is because it sparked this month’s same but different.

Whether I like it or not Christmas is here and it’s not even December. Although I’m not a fan of Christmas one part I do like about it is writing Christmas cards. This got me thinking. Why is it that I put time aside to write Christmas cards yet I don’t write cards, or letters any other time of the year? With that, I’m starting early and writing my Christmas cards in November but adding a little extra something special.

#lovetomtomSBD Nov

It’s a good thing I like stationary as it will come in handy for what’s ahead this month.  I’ll be pulling out all the stationary I’ve collected over the years and putting it to good use. Not just stationary though; postcards, wrapping paper, writing paper, photographs, pictures, doodles, sketches, napkins, my list goes on. Anything I can write on or turn into a card is going in the mail. My loved ones are going to get something that reminds me of them or even something they can write on and send back to me!

#lovetomtomSBD Nov

Time to turn the computer off and get writing!



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