“New York is like meeting someone famous just a million times more full on” Anonymous

New York

New York, what a city! It was my first visit and I had such high expectation with years and years of seeing New York as a star in its own right and only dreaming of what it would be like to be in the middle of New York fashion. I wasn’t disappointed. My senses were overloaded with the sites and smells (sometimes not that pleasant). Think it’s going to take a while to shut me up!

National Library NY

Besides all the usual sites I was so eager to see what style the city brought and my my my! I have been trying to work out how best to describe it and I think diverse sums it up. Naturally with such a large city there is going to be an abundance  of creativity and without pigeon-holing an entire city, what I have taken from everything I saw is confidence.  Whether it was a comb stuck in someone’s hair, a white suit with all the trimmings, hats of all shapes and sizes, (apparently tags on is how the cool kids wear them!), Channel suits or three quarter denim overalls with snake skin loafers, I felt people put effort into their individual style and their confidence was the finishing touch. Like I said not all styles were to my liking so much so that some were so over the top, impractical, and just plain bonkers but with New York as your backdrop, who cares! I guess that’s what individual style is.

New York

With that in mind and the fact that I had packed the most inappropriate items for this trip, I experimented with combinations, wore things that I wouldn’t normally put together and got into the New York swing of things and I couldn’t have been happier!


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