A book short of a book club



This is a strange one for me to write, as books really aren’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong; when I get a book I like, I can’t put it down but I like the idea of reading more than the activity itself. There are some things I like about reading, or the idea of reading. I actually like books, physically having them around the house, the covers, the designs and then there are book stores! Pretending I belong and the possibilities that books bring. All are so appealing.

Despite all the things I like about books, I have a few issues with reading. One, I almost feel like I want a guarantee. A guarantee that I will like the book which is not really the point of reading but it does stop me from picking up any old book to read. I often go back to books I’ve read and enjoyed before but to be honest this is not a long list! Another issue is that although my mind feels busy when I’m reading, I could pick up a book at any time and fall asleep! I’m not talking about a relaxed, nodding off kind of sleep, I’m talking deep, can’t wake me, snoring my head off kind of sleep. Reading at night is definite no-no and even if I’m interested and it’s during the day I can guarantee I will be asleep within about 2 pages. Maybe I’m being a bit unfair on myself. I do read without falling asleep; newspapers, magazines, blogs, cookbooks just to name a few but I don’t think of these the same way as I do about reading a book.


The reason I’m writing this post now is because I’ve got into a bit of a reading groove the past few weeks. First up is Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano, a tale of Italy’s other mafia, the Camorra. Someone recommended this a while back and I thought why not? You may have seen this photograph on Instagram a while back, the day I  started to read this book. Boy did I struggle! I couldn’t believe how difficult I found it to concentrate. I’m almost too embarrassed to say how many times I checked my phone, thought I was hungry or decided I needed more coffee. The list goes on, trust me! I have made a dent in the book and really make an effort to set the scene (the scene to help me concentrate not a scene from the book). My phone goes away, I make sure I’m comfortable and well fed and try to think of nothing else other then the words in front of  me.


The other book I was giddy to get my hands on was Lisa Eldridge’s Face Paint book. I won’t gush about this book too much but all I will say is, it is a work of art and hopefully the first of many. This book really ticks all my boxes, the content so far is interesting, I love the structure of the book and visually, well I can’t put it down.

Face Paint

So while I long to be an avid reader I’m going to work away at these two and try to minimise all possible distractions at the same time. Wish me luck!



One thought on “Book Club

  1. Good Luck with your book reading – sometimes the topic can be too heavy to enjoy reading Thank you for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday

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