This Week

It seems I jinxed myself when I said last week was a tough one. It was but this week involved a sick little lady so everything was thrown out the window. Nothing serious thank goodness, but enough to quieten Lucille and that was enough to make me worry.

As you can imagine the week was filled with what felt like a never ending cuddle and despite having a koala attached to me (that’s what I called Lucille) I did manage to film the latest mascara in my beauty bag. If you haven’t seen this early morning video take a look.

A big thumbs down from me. L’Oréal False Lash X Fiber Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara is so disappointing. I used it throughout the week and there was only one day I thought my initial impression was premature but no, this mascara is definitely not for me. The day I thought it looked ok was the day that I spent more time putting it on  than I usually would but it is just not worth it. Another day I tried it on one eye and my old Penneys one on the other and what a difference. I hate wasting money so I will use it but I will not be buying it again!

Fast forward to Friday night, where I waited the entire week to get these beauties out. I treated myself to these glasses from April and Bear; a fabulous shop in Dublin full of wonderful and whimsical home decor. I was so desperate to use these glasses I was close to drinking sparkling water out of them but thank goodness for Friday and bubbles on the couch in my pjs.

Not a lot of time to listen to any podcasts this week but I did manage to discover The Red Hand Files. I had never heard of The Red Files before and what I discovered was people sending their questions to Nick Cave and he answers them. It was  recommended to me and now I’m recommending it to you. I got swept into a rabbit hole of Nick Cave and I don’t regret a minute of it.

Despite having not a lot of time to  myself this week, I did manage to watch a few episodes of Mad Men which I started from the very beginning a few weeks ago. I loved it the first time I watched it and if possible love it even more now. There will be a huge void when I make it to the end. Maybe that was my subconscious influence in buying my very fancy champagne glasses.

I have somehow managed to maintain all the recent changes to my diet. I haven’t added any further changes just trying to keep things as they are. I’m playing around with recipes and although I am not following a strict ketogenic diet I couldn’t go past this keto base pizza from Gimme Delicious. It was yum and filling which is what I’m looking for these days. I’ve had a few questions about the changes I’ve made to my diet so I might do a Q&A on Instagram if anyone is interest.

Speaking of food, just a few minutes ago I received this text message from Mr B. Talk about torture!

Too early for Panettone season? Never!

Have a good week.



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