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Sustainable Fashion

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Some of you may have heard about Stiall, a fantastic creation by Linda Conway. Stiall is a place that looks to ‘de-mystify sustainable fashion.’  It really is such a clever, informative and necessary tool in today’s world of high-speed fashion and well worth your time. The reason I’m talking about this is because Stiall, more specifically the Stiall Challenge has put my brain into overdrive. Continue reading


A lovetomtom Christmas

A lovetomtom Christmas


Need some gift inspiration? Check out #alovetomtomchristmas. This is how it’s gone so far.

Magazine subscription



Makeover magic

A card is all you need

You may notice Day 1 is missing and that is because I started with a gift for the real lovetomtom. Lucky he’s not on Instagram and that’s where you can stay up-to-date with #alovetomtomchristmas.




lovetomtom loves Instagram

I will be the first to admit it, I am addicted to my phone. I always have it close by and find it very difficult not to check it every few minutes. Ridiculous I know, but we all have our weaknesses.

One thing I love and will not apologise for, is Instagram. Endless hours of discoveries that satisfy all my creative needs. It’s not just looking at other people’s images that fills my days, I like to see how people use Instagram, the way they style their images and what stories they are telling. 

My Instagram feed is a real mix. I love checking in on my favourite accounts and then stumbling across new and wonderful images and people to follow. Everything from makeup brands, fashion houses, illustrators, interior designers, foodies, favourite shops, shops I wish I could visit in person and vintage lovers. They all fill my screen (and head) with stunning images and inspiration, and I thought I would show you some of my current favourites. 

You can probably guess already that the likes of Valentino and Giambattista Valli  are high on my  list. Not only are their products pure beauty but the images and overall styling fill me with such envy!


Giambattista Valli

Beth Kirby of Local Milk is another account filled with stunning images. There is something about her styling that makes me want to jump into her world! Her images (and blog) are really worth a look. 

Local Milk

Brittany Watson Jespen of The house that lars built satisfies a whole different side of me and her account can only be described as colourful, playful happiness.

house that lars built

Next up is Alea Toussaint. Her prints and patterns again make me so envious (in the nicest possible way) that someone can create such beautiful things. I secretly wonder what print she would design for me!

Alea Toussaint

For all my travel needs it’s hard to go past Hervé in Paris and Rebecca Plotnick.

Herve in Paris

Rebecca Plotnick

As for food, Molly yeh takes the cake (get it!?!) and makes me want to stick my head in whatever wonderful creation she is making. 

Molly yeh

When it comes to makeup and beauty, the usual suspects are there. NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell and the list goes on and on and on! 

Last but definitely not least is Kenneth Brewster Edwards. I don’t encourage wishing to be anyone other than oneself but this account is for the dancer in me and yes, part of me wishes it was me both in the photographs and taking the photographs.

Kenneth Brewster Edwards

I should make the point that I follow people/accounts/brands because I like them, so the above is just a glimpse into what is filling my screen. It would be a very long post if I included them all!

Are you on Instagram or have any favourites? Leave your links below in the comments and I will take a peek. And of course, don’t forget lovetomtom is on Instagram too so if you’re not already following, please do!

lovetomtom on Instagram


Who is lovetomtom?

The story of lovetomtom

(and his lovesick aunt)

With the pending arrival of tomtom himself, I thought now would be a good time to introduce you.

Some of you may already know, so I will keep this brief and not to give away all his secrets (everyone deserves a bit of mystery) but tomtom is my wonderful nephew. TaDa! (insert jazz hands). Anyone who has a niece or nephew no doubt thinks he/she is the cutest, the smartest, the kindest and I am unapologetically no different! tomtom is very special to our family and as his Zia (aunt) I am completely crazy in love with him.

It’s no surprise then that his visit (along with my fabulous sister and brother in-law) is the event of the year! As part of their visit I will need to design a temporary bedroom, play area, activities and meals for the little man and I can’t wait.

My aim is to create a fun, calm space for him to feel relaxed and comfortable. He is coming a very long way and being on a plane for 24 hours is bad enough for most of us let alone a 2 year old. Don’t worry, I will have plenty of goodies for the grown ups too!

I’m not one for gender colours or gender themes for that matter so over the next few weeks my eyes will be peeled for all sorts of inspiration. I’m going to have to be creative in how I use materials and think outside the box, as after all, they will be going home again (the tissues are on standby).

My sewing machine and paint brushes, as well as my never ending supply of hugs and kisses are ready to go. I’ll keep you posted on what I will be working on and if you have any suggestions please send them my way.

Let the countdown begin! (even though I have been counting down for months but you get my drift).

9 weeks and counting!


Not long tomtom until you can reach out your cute little hands to me in person!


Orange is the new red

Orange is the new red

This week’s #OOTW is not technically an outfit but a colour.

Orange is the new red

Orange has the crown this week and although it is not a colour I usually wear (clothing wise), it is a shade I like and thanks to a little goodie I received during the week, I was reminded to get my orange on.

The goodie I speak of is this lovely notebook from Lidl. I was lucky enough to attend the preview of the Lidl SS15 collection and I have to say I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the pieces. I will do a proper review once they are out as it’s a bit of a tease to tell you about them now, but lets just say, you will be seeing me in lots of stripes and polka dots….my kind of collection!

It was a great night all round and to top it all off I walked away with this fabulous orange notebook. Inspiring quote and inspiring colour. Like I say I don’t generally wear orange but I like to incorporate it in small doses and once I started looking, I didn’t have to go too far.

Smashing Pumpkin

First up, nail polish. Nail polish to me is like lipstick, I never leave the house without it and to be honest I don’t play around with colours. I have my standards on rotation and I don’t venture far from them. Black, red and a deep burgundy. I have the odd variation, army green (that’s almost  black) and too many shades of red to count. Last summer I bought this fabulous Topshop nail polish in Smashing Pumpkin (no link available for this one, sorry but I have seen it in store) and it fast became a regular. It was a nice alternative to red without being too bright or daring, it’s more of a burnt orange. For some reason I completely forgot about it until I saw the orange notebook and I’m happy to say it is now back in rotation and I love it!

Bobbi Brown Orange

The other orange item I have is one of my favourite lipsticks from Bobbi Brown in the shade Orange. Again when I bought this I was looking for an alternative to red, something bold but not smack you in the face bright and this was perfect. It’s kind of the same situation with the nail polish, for whatever reason I pushed this to the bottom of my lipstick jar but it got a good work out this week and will stay top of the pile!

Orange pattern quilt cover

Interiors are another place that I like to see orange. Not necessarily as the main star, but as a subtle hint of colour in the background somehow, cushions, utensils etc. My current bedspread is a perfect example.  Just the right amount of colour without being overbearing. I bought this one in Kmart (Australia) so not expensive at all.

I’ve also got my eye on a coat which has a stunning orange lining but that might have to wait until next season; it is spring after all!

Thanks to Lidl and Roald Dahl for an unexpected but welcomed dose of inspiration.

“If you have good thoughts,

they will shine out of your

face like sunbeams and you

will always look lovely”

Roald Dahl