It’s hard to know where to start so London it is.

I moved to London in 2006 and as you can imagine what an experience.  After a few months of being there and having a limited wardrobe and budget I had to be creative with what I had. I love London, the buzz of the place, the never ending list of things to do and most importantly the fashion! Never before had I seen firstly so many people and secondly how differently people dressed from each other.  I was so far out of my comfort zone, leaving home, not knowing anyone and struggling with money. Anyone would think I would hold on to anything that resembled the slightest bit of comfort but instead what I found was I embraced the creativity and diversity around me and took some risks with how I was dressing.  Such a great time and a few terrible looks but without this I wouldn’t be truly comfortable in my choices in fashion.

A few things that have stuck with me over the past few years. I love black and white! Add a hint of colour and I’m happy. I love red shoes, can’t get enough of them! Like many of us I have a few areas which I don’t like but I know how to hide them well. Investing in pieces of clothing is worth the money and in complete contrast I love a bargain. Most importantly liking what you wear is a must. If you are anything like me it can affect my mood, confidence, motivation and general outlook so if you don’t like what you are wearing, change your outfit.

Chat soon!



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