Not enough!

I didn’t think I was that big into lipstick but my friend’s expression when I showed her some shades I had in my handbag said otherwise!

I only started wearing lipstick recently. I had no idea where to start as my memories of lipstick involved me as a child in dance concerts, full face of make up looking rather clown-like!

I thought I’d try something new and relied on sales assistants, generally promoting the seasons’ ‘latest trends’.  In turn I started to do my own research on brands, textures, materials, application, brushes and more importantly what worked for me!


This with a bit of bravery, I can now say I love lipstick! Red, coral, orange, plum, nude, pink…my list could go on!

Whether you’re complimenting an outfit, making it a focal point of your make up or just trying something new, forget rules and trends  I say, grab a shade you like and pucker up!

Bobbi Brown Orange



2 thoughts on “Apparently clown is in

  1. Finally the clown memoirs are banished………enjoy all the colours that emphases
    your beautiful smile!!

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