Christmas Gift Guide

according to lovetomtom

 Ok so the title may be a bit misleading. Yes this is a Christmas guide but you’re not going to find Santa here.

This time of year can be a rather odd time. Everything is so sparkly, people seem to be extra busy and there is the added pressure of finding just the ‘right’ gift. Don’t get me wrong I love getting presents, and not just for Christmas, for any occasion! Equally though, I love shopping for presents and giving presents. Finding a gift that you know the person will love, something that is a treat and a splurge, is really so much fun.

For the time being though I’m taking a different approach. Without sounding like Scrooge (ok so I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas) or preaching too much, it’s important to remember Christmas means different things to different people and this can change from year to year and from situation to situation. Living away from home means I have been fortunate enough to experience Christmas in different counties, with different people, eating different foods, missing out on traditions and making new ones. Keeping all of this in mind, both gift giving and receiving has taken a different slant.

At times, you may not always be able to give the gifts you want so you will need to be a bit more creative which can be a lot of fun. But maybe we don’t even need that. Maybe all we need to do is make a phone call, send a text, write a letter or have a cuppa with someone. Maybe all we need to do is say hello (in the most stylish way of course!).

Besides Santa delivering all my loved ones to me in person and all at the same time, a phone call, a text or better still a letter will do me just fine!






3 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide

  1. How absolutely right you are, ” out of sight and out of mind” should never apply to love ones, not just at xmas time but all year round.
    How much fun would we all have if Santa delivered us all to you in one big hamper!

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