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Knœkbrød – thanks to The Migrant Chef with a lovetomtom twist


Welcome to my Recipe of the Month series (#ROTM). In this series I’m going to be chatting all about food and recipes that have tickled my fancy the past week or even month. Seeing as it’s 1st February and the fact that I’m going to give this recipe a few more goes, it’s been crowned January’s recipe of the month.

I got this recipe from The Migrant Chef  (click the link for the recipe) and couldn’t wait to give it a go. Just as much as I have a big fat sweet tooth, I have an equally fat savoury tooth. I’m a bit of a grazer when it comes to food  and I like the idea of preparing/baking/cooking everything myself so these seemed like a great option.

I have been fortunate enough to eat Knœkbrød, a traditional Danish crisp bread in Copenhagen. It would be a true injustice to call what I made Knœkbrød so I won’t; lets call them crackers.


When I started to make these I realised I didn’t have all the ingredients so I improvised and probably to my disadvantage. I baked on and despite my mixture being too wet, the final result was surprisingly good. The fact that they were gobbled up (not just by me) pretty quickly says it all really.

nuts & seeds

This recipe is definitely a winner and will be the first of many bakes. Next time I’m going to stick to the original recipe (don’t forget to check out the link above). Once I get it right, I will experiment with different herbs, try some with cheese and even have a go at a sweet version.

Happy baking!



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