What’s on my Fridge


What's on my fridge

The very first time I left home and packed my life into a suitcase to start a new adventure,  a dear friend of mine gave me a gift, a fridge magnet. An ideal gift of home and friendship that didn’t take up too much space. Since then, it doesn’t matter where I live or how long for, I always decorate the fridge!

My current kitchen is tiny and anyone who has a tiny kitchen knows you have to be well organised and use what little space you have wisely. Of course every item has its place and there is great hysteria (from me) if they are not in their well thought out place, but you can only work with what you’ve got. Despite all the downfalls of my little kitchen, I have been able to style it in a way that has made it one of my favourite rooms of the house.

However, when it comes to what’s on my fridge, no styling is necessary. More is more! I figure I’m bound to go to the fridge about a hundred times a day so I want it (along with the food I’m grabbing) to spark all sorts of lovely images and memories, and what better way to do that than with bits of life stuck all over it.

It’ simple, if it makes it to the fridge, it is super special!

A dear friend always reminds me

Love letters

Travel, love letters, pictures, places, that’s what’s on my fridge.

What’s on yours?



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