Australia Day

 Throw a few undies on the clothes line (BONDS of course)

and it almost feels like I’m home.

Australia Day

Whatever Australia day means to you,

here’s to community and kindness,

to education and understanding,

to all that is good and all that we’ve learned

and to all our differences that make Australia home.

Happy Australia day everyone!



2 thoughts on “Australia Day

  1. Glad to see though you are far far away home is always in your heart. You listed
    all the important things with the sun shinning for the day , the only thing you
    had to image is the heat which can range anywhere from 20- 40 degrees
    mum xx

    1. Looks can me deceiving ma. Such blue skies yet oh so cold! Thank goodness for our imaginations. I can close my eyes and feel the warmth of home seeping through my skin xo

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