Frill me once


Every winter I look at leather gloves thinking ‘this year I’ll invest’ but I have two main problems when it comes to them. One, they are expensive (and leather, ok so maybe I have 3 problems) and two, it looks like I’m part of a bank heist.

So while I procrastinate with the idea and try to find ways of looking pretty in the cold, I need to buy gloves. I bought the cheapest pair of fabric gloves I could find and decided to jazz them up. Off I went to a gorgeous ribbon shop, found more than I needed and I was skipping out the door!


My sewing skills are basic but good enough. Lets be honest no one is going to examine my craftsmanship with a magnifying glass. I sewed the cream frill trim on the black gloves by hand and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.


The gloves cost me €2 and the frill trim was not even a €1 so at that price I’ll be making a second pair. How could I resist a red pair of gloves with a pale blue and white polka dot trim?!?

Stay warm and get sewing!



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