Colour me crazy

Adult colouring books and no, not the dirty kind!

Wallpaper colouring book

I made a surprising purchase recently, adult colouring books. I had seen these around the last six months or so and it is one of those things that once you see one, you see them everywhere. There are different schools of thought on adult colouring books. Some describe them as art therapy, although art psychotherapists might disagree, others say it’s a fad and others say it’s a hobby.

Colouring books

I haven’t quite made my mind up yet on this new activity/fad, or whatever you want to call it. I bought mine because the designs were gorgeous and I thought this would be a nice way to explore colour, a different set of skills and to try to focus my mind on something new. With my Wallpaper Colouring Book and my Vintage Colouring Book in hand, I started colouring, but quickly discovered a few issues with it. The most obvious thing is that I don’t really like colour so my natural instinct is to keep everything black and white! My other issue is that I’m feeling rather indecisive at the minute so trying to decide what colour to permanently put on the paper is causing all kinds of internal conflict. First world problems I know!

Vintage colouring book

For now I’m sticking with it as I think it is alway a good to develop news skills. Even more so, I like the idea of focusing on one task at a time and I’m hoping this will help. After a recent chat with Hilda by Design who pointed me in the right direction regarding quality pencils, I think I will invest and keep this going. Let me know if you have tried this. It would be great to hear how you’re getting on with it.

Wallpaper colouring book



4 thoughts on “Colour me crazy

  1. Aw…thanks so much for the mention! What a babe!
    I’m kinda smiling, ‘cos I can see how you could want to keep the pages as they are! They are so beautiful. And yup, the choosing of colours can be debate + deliberation but FUN hopefully, in the end! Stick with it Chica – I think it’ll be a cool way to relax xx
    In the meantime, keep those stunning pics of Lisbon coming!! Wow. What a city. Enjoy every sec 😚

    1. Thanks Hilda I’m going to stick with it and buy some better pencils when I get back.
      Lisbon is just amazing! Hope you’re ready for about a million pictures if tiles!! xo

  2. OMG Jo how funny you way over there and me here doing the same thing without a word mention to one another about it. Yes I am into the adult colouring book too, only problem
    is that could not decided which one but have decided on the Secret Garden so now searching
    on line for the best price. (Have not seen the ones that you mention). the next problem is
    which colouring pencils do I buy. Fad or not I am seeing as therapy/hobby.
    Enjoy luv mum xx

    1. My books weren’t expensive but the Secret Garden sounds lovely. Hilda mentioned Faber Castel Polychromas pencils which could be expensive but she said they are good quality. xo

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