Same but different


It’s the first February post for #lovetomtomSBD and it should come as no surprise that I’m starting with the real lovetomtom. Don’t worry I am not going to spend the whole month talking about how much I love him – I may be the only one interested in that but it is the perfect way to kick off #lovetomtomSBD.

The reason I’m starting with the real lovetomtom is because this month he celebrates his birthday and that got me thinking about birthdays, celebrations, family, friends and love. These things are always on my mind, mostly because living away from home I miss a lot of them.

Virtual taste test and he even wanted to share! Thanks Mrs P for letting me use this picture.

The difference this time round is that I’m going to ninja kick my homesickness and find lots of fun ways to be crazy in love with my amazing nephew, to celebrating all sorts of things and to stay in touch with loved ones, near and far.

Don’t forget to join in and tag all the ways you are going to enjoy your celebrations, birthdays, family, friends and love with #lovetomtomSBD



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