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ask lovetomtom

ask lovetomtom

It’s time for me to get back into full swing and I’m delighted to resume what turned out to be one of my favourite things last year; Question of the Day. If you follow me on Snapchat you will be well used to seeing me chat away and answer all your questions. Makeup, fashion, travel, food, your questions, my questions. Anything that comes my way really, you know I love a good chat!

Snapchat, home to Question of the Day, was relatively new to me last year and initially I felt like somewhat of a dinosaur trying to figure it all out. But I’ve come to love the no-fuss, no fancy lighting, ridiculous but sometimes life-saving filters that it offers and it has grown on me. In the meantime we have seen other social media platforms offer similar (or what feels like the same) ways of chatting and while we all have a preferred platform, many of you have been in touch over the past few months to say that you don’t use Snapchat. So, in the spirit of inclusivity, I’m spreading myself out. You’ll be seeing my sometimes unmade mug on all social media platforms for Question of the Day.

Snapchat silliness

It’s time then to hit me with your questions.  You can send me your questions on Instagram or Facebook, on Snapchat or Twitter or email your questions to You can even stop me in the street! As for my folks (and anyone else who doesn’t use social media), I will always be here to do a round-up of questions, so make sure you are signed up to lovetomtom to get posts straight to your inbox. You’ll be sick of me with all the different ways to communicate!

So it’s just me, my phone and your questions. Let the fun begin!

ask lovetomtom



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