Awards Season 

Screen Actors Guild Awards

I have to admit, sleep got the better of me last night so this morning I enjoyed my coffee while drooling over last night’s stars at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I love seeing variety on the red carpet, a bit of sleek styling with a touch of pure glamour and let’s not forget the total bonkers outfits; the SAGs did it all for me.

I have to start with this number from Gucci worn by Nicole Kidman. An outfit so outrageous I actually like it! I would have preferred the main body to be black rather than green but if you’re going to go big you might as well go all the way and this sure is all the way!

Gucci - SAGs

Next in complete contrast is this very simple but stunning Dior dress worn by Natalie Portman. I’m not a fan of white or cream dresses but this is pure beauty. I’m rather fond of this silhouette but have never managed to pull it off. In my mind this is exactly how you do it! This gown with all its fabric doesn’t swallow her or her bump and the sleeves make a lovely addition to what could have been a very plain dress.

Dior - SAGs

An awards night can’t go by without something monochrome catching my eye and this Chanel number worn by Janelle Monae tickles my monochrome obsessed heart. The ruffles, the pattern and the fact that it fell just above her ankles was a total winner in my book. I’m not completely sold on her hair but it was definately a good choice having it up to show the glory of the collar. This is one I could definitely imagine myself in!

Chanel - SAGs

The big houses were on fire for this awards night! Don’t forget to click the photographs for all the details. Remember I was at home sleeping, not on the red carpet drooling in person.



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