Awards Season

The Oscars

As much as I tried to stay awake to watch The Oscars, sleep got the better of me and so while  franticly trying to see what everyone wore this morning, I was in shock with what I actually found. Talk about making a blunder! Other than falling over and causing yourself serious injury or stepping on someone’s else gown to tear it and revealing their smalls, I’m pretty sure announcing the wrong winner is up there with the worst case scenario for an awards show. I’ll be honest, for a short while it overshadowed any outfit that graced the red carpet but after getting over the shock of it all (anyone would think I was the recipient of the award) here are my favourites.

Let’s start with the best of night. There is not one thing I would change about Ruth Negga’s entire ensemble. The colour, the lace, the sleeves, her makeup and hair. I love it all! Now I’ve never met Ruth Negga but if I did, I imagine this is exactly how she would want to look. Or that’s how it appears and I put that down to her being an expert in her own style and knowing how to achieve it. That and a good stylist of course.

Valentino - The Oscars

An award night can’t go by with out a few monochrome numbers making it on my list and Emma Robert’s vintage Armani Privé ticks all the boxes. I do think there could be a little more material on the torso but each to their own. The thing that I like most is that this gown was debuted in 2005. You know my thoughts on wearing things on repeat and to see this on the red carpet in 2017 can only be a good thing.

Armani Privé - The Oscars
Armani Privé

When I look at these events I always look at the gown first then the person wearing it but in this case I have to say I always look forward to seeing what Emma Stone wears.  Although I would not wear this colour myself, like Ruth Negga, this ensemble is perfection. The detailing on the dress is impeccable and I’ll be honest, I’m a fan of fringe and a dropped hemline so this is a winner all round.

Givenchy - The Oscars

Red was a clear winner of the night and although this is not a dress I would wear myself, Viola Davis always manages to look sophisticated, polished and fun. This red Armani Privé gown, much like the blue number she wore to the BAFTAs was so vibrant and classy I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Armani Privé - The Oscars
Armani Privé

Unlike the BAFTAs, colour took a back seat at The Oscars and even though this wouldn’t be my  colour palette of choice, these gowns are all worth a gawk. Parts of them anyway.

Marchesa - The Oscars
Gucci - The Oscars
Armani Privé - The Oscars
Armani Privé
Marchesa - The Oscars

If you have time to have a snoop, check out some of the after party outfits as in some cases they are better by far than what was worn on the red carpet.

What a show. Although I didn’t stay up for it I feel like I need a nap after all that!



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