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Beauty and the Beast – The Press Tour

Are you a Beauty and the Beast fan? I am and I can’t wait to see the remake. Nothing will compare to the original of course but I’m excited all the same. Not a Disney fan? Fret not, there is more to this than just a beauty and a beast.

Emma Watson has been in the media of late not just for playing the belle in this remake. Emma Watson is wearing many hats these days; actor, UN WOMEN Global Goodwill Ambassador, feminist and now she is playing an avid role in the fashion world.

Emma sparked my interest last year at the Met Gala where she graced the red carpet in a gown made from recycled plastic bottles. Now she is using the Beauty and the Beast press tour to share her style choices, focusing on sustainable fashion. Some of you may already be following this account and if not, you should! The Press Tour Instagram posts detail each item worn, makeup and accessory choices and the brands behind them.

 Even if some of her style choices don’t tickle your fancy I urge you to follow and read about the amazing work that is being done. Some brands I’m familiar with and some I am learning about for the first time. Each post she puts up seems to be getting longer and longer and I love that she is sharing her knowledge and making me ask questions about what sustainable fashion means to me.

I hope this account continues long after the actual Beauty and the Beast press tour ends as anything that contributes to sustainable fashion can only be a good thing.



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