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I know it is the start of a new week but I’ve been glued to my computer screen keeping up with all the shows from New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week so I’m a little behind.

I have saved all my favourites from New York Fashion Week and the start of London Fashion Week and you can check them out below. I’ve added a small note in each pin, usually describing the outfit as ‘beautiful’ or ‘fabulous’. If you’ve followed lovetomtom for a while now you will know exactly why an outfit has made it to my Wish List! 

When I watch fashion shows there are three things I generally look out for. I’m not interested in the politics of fashion week, who’s walking the catwalk or who’s in the front row. All I’m interested in is wearability (generally with myself in mind), creativity and originality. I find the latter is less of a priority because I find it is very rare to see anything that is truly original. Instead we see ideas revisited but as long as it is approached in a new way I’m happy.

Admittedly, this is a very simplistic way to approach fashion week but that is why I love watching the shows so much. From afar I can pretend to submerge myself in a world where I get to watch other people’s creativity in action and daydream of all the ways I would use these pieces to express my own creativity. No harm in daydreaming.

London Fashion Week is still on the go so be sure to check out Wish List #38 as this week goes on. I’ve even included some of my Emmy Award favourites.



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