Beauty Bag

The never-ending search for the perfect mascara

My search for the perfect mascara continues. I feel like it is a never-ending mission and despite all of the hundreds of mascaras I buy, I do feel I’m getting closer but never fully satisfied.

The latest mascara to take centre stage is L’Oreal’s Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara. At about €11 this was worth the risk because let’s be honest, you can’t test mascara. Yes, brands are getting better at showing us the wands but I find buying mascara is always a risk.

I’m down to the very last scrape in this tube and it’s time to decide do I re-purchase? I’m happy to say yes. There are some claims to this product, ‘mega volume, curl and all-day hold’ and it does a damn good job at being a great mascara. There’s volume and I would agree with the all-day hold part but I didn’t notice a lot of curl. I always curl my eyelashes prior to using any mascara and I think everyone should so maybe it is not a fair judgement.

The thing I like about this mascara is that there is no fuss to it. Put one coat or three, there is no messing, no panda eyes throughout the day and given it stays all day, it is relatively easy to get off. Overall this is a very good mascara, one definitely worth a try.

I find mascara one of the most difficulty things to photograph but here goes. For a true test I haven’t curled my eyelashes in this photograph and have only foundation on my face. What do you think? Does it do what it says on the tin?




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