I broke my ‘no shopping ban’

But for a very good reason

I knew it wasn’t going to last forever. Actually I managed my personal no shopping ban for longer than expected but it has come to an end and all for a good cause. For the next few months I’ll be shopping in the maternity and children’s section! Baby B (that’s what I’ve named it) will be joining Mr B and I in early March and we are both thrilled and terrified.

Before I get going on a bit of a rant about maternity fashion (spoiler alert) I’ll give you a brief run down of how things have gone so far. My pregnancy has been such a roller coaster ride. Constant nausea, a complete change in appetite, ongoing changes in my body and I’ve entered a total state of worry. That’s the short version. Despite having shared the news with family and close friends I found the first trimester very lonely. I didn’t feel myself at all, mostly because I spent a lot of my time with my head in the toilet or a bin. That has resulted in many of my social activities being cancelled and most of my meals consisting mainly of pretzels and potatoes, two ingredients that I can still stomach. Add to this the fact that my body, something I’ve come to love, understand and know how to dress is changing quicker than I can run to the bathroom. One day I feel on top of things and then I take a glimpse in the mirror and wonder whose body am I looking at? That and wondering if bubs is doing ok in there. No wonder I’ve been so tired!

I won’t overload you with pregnancy and baby chat but I have to say as much of a whirlwind as I have found this journey so far, never before have I experienced what I can only describe as pure joy from people when I share my news. It is very hard to put into words, that look of sincere warmth and complete happiness. When I say the words ‘I’m having a baby’ it feels like we are transported to a place of innocence, understanding and heart-bursting euphoria. A spark that connects me and whoever I’m talking to if only just for a few seconds. It has been amazing to watch in others and something I will never forget.

I’ll save my maternity fashion rant (and shopping) for the next post and I’ll warn you now I have rather a lot to say! Until then I will give you a little glimpse of a few bits I’ve bought for Baby b, which amounts to very little actually as we have been showered with gifts already.



6 thoughts on “Shopping for a cause

  1. Having already experienced the great joy of being nonna and nonno to tomtom we are so very excited and cant wait for the same joy when baby B arrives. Love mum & dad xx

  2. Ah listen I know exactly what you’re talking about. I think when your bump is obvious it’s a bump it’s easier. Hope your feeling a little better xx Siobhán

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