Plus One

She has arrived!

Finally after what felt like an eternity of waiting lovetomtomHQ has a new member and I can now introduce you to baby Lucille.

I had no intention of Lucille making an appearance in the online world at this young age but with the support I’ve felt from all of you I couldn’t but share this bundle, all 9.3lbs of her with you. I asked you to come along for the ride during my pregnancy so the least I could do was show you the goods! Thank you for all the messages, love & support. It really is the small gestures, a kind word, that has the most impact so thank you!

 I’ve a few posts to come that were started pre-Lucille, like what I included in my batch cooking efforts and of course my pregnancy wrap-up. I know you won’t mind things being out-of-order. Keep an eye out for those but for now I have to go get more cuddles!



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